Ode to Fish Tacos

How hard for you I've searched!
My hopes remained high perched.
Every experience I failed;
All satisfaction jailed!

I scoured where you'd often haunt,
My labors you did always taunt.
Disappointed you weren't there
Proving just how you were rare.

I suppose it I did deserve;
Demanding you, I had some nerve.
Taking you for granted,
I'll sow the seeds I have planted.

I know now your full worth.
Though you laugh at me with mirth.
My wicked ways I've repaired.
My love for you I've often shared.

Long journeys end in all lost;
I had no idea what this move would cost.
Maybe you were just a dream;
Your denial to me some cruel scheme.

Replacements I have pondered
Across man drawn borders I have wandered.
To forget you I endeavor;
But, in truth - I could never.

Oh! To the utter delight of my soul!
In Nebraska: The Mixing Bowl!
There they were, a surprise - 
Paired with sweet potato fries.

I beg, be still my beating heart.
There on the plate: it's food; it's art!
Mango salsa, kale, aoli sauce;
We share a name, me and the boss.

Lessons I have learned - 
For fish tacos I have yearned.
Found, I promise I'll cherish you now.
Forever grateful, I wipe my brow.

Fish Tacos from The Mixing Bowl in Gering, Nebraska