- Girlfriends -

Destined to meet you,

Together we conquer life-

When laughter breaks pain.

- Fair Food -

Deep fried confections

Clash, in gastronomic pride,

With potato rings.

- Metropolitan Morning -

Barn doors now open!

Farm fresh eggs, old country signs;

Silence the city.

- Reaching -

Without you, I fall

Down where the thoughts of doubt thrive.

Please, hold on to me.

- Sky Kissed -

Little dirty feet,

With each bounce an inch closer

To dreams still unknown! 

- Listener -

Go ahead caller,

You're on the cool midnight air.

He sobs, "I miss her."

- Teddy Bears -

Midnight dreamcatchers

Hold no candle to her paws.

Asleep she protects.

- Rolling -

Around here, rain means:

Keeping the hose tightly wrapped

And the sprinkler dry!

- You're Killin' Me Smalls -

First you take a graham,

Stick the chocolate on the graham.

Then roast the mallow!

- Static -

Muffled tones lack depth

Against a hollow crackle.

There is no bass here.

- Tuesday Morning -

Precious little one,

I see you peeping at me

As I put on shoes.

- Exhale -

One deep inhale held.

Eyes clasped against distraction

The silent heart speaks.

- Lines -

The footprints of crows

Form ancient canyons of joy

Across stoic lands.

- Technology Rocks -

I can see your face

Twelve hundred miles away.

What a time to live!

- SoulMutt -

Sneak attack kisses,

The way you rest against me:

Your love brings me peace.

- The View -

Boundless prairie lands

Between sweeping cosmos;

Beneath beating hooves

- Husbands -

Take my hand. I'll drive.

And, yet, keep you safe, I'll try.

Love for you, that's why.

- New Adventures -

All good things come from

Fresh ink on cut paper and

Pirates! of high seas.

- Summer Haze -

Two strong antennae;

Fresh flower garden haven.

He says: Welcome Home!

- Darling -

If ever in doubt:

Never forget you are loved.

I promise, I do.

- Lunar -

Craters deep in flesh.

Lonely oceans mar Great Plains.

Our footprints in dust.

- Wake Up! -

Knock knock! Orange you glad?

Start your day fresh with some juice!

No bananas harmed.

- Dentist Dreams -

Sugar on a stick;

Remember to brush your teeth!

A decadent treat!

- Caffeine Brain -

Java Java beans!

Whipped cream! Sugar sugar. Yes!!!

Go! Go! Twitch. Zing! Crash.

- Cactus -

All collections start

With a piece connecting heart

To the piece of art!

To contact Ashley McNew about purchasing her art or inquiries her email is:

Or follow her on IG: @ashley.fruitluver

- Ethereal -

Dawn's first light: tainted.

An etched fog of mist and rain.

A fawn's ghostly dance.

- Courage -

Hold on tight! Don't blink!

Each spark a dream; still wishes.

Feel your fire burn!

- Drum Line -

Hear the battle cry.

Remember the fear and pride.

Our Revolution!

- This is Thriller -

The beast within him

Is tame and calm. Retired.

The Bub finds his groove.

- Curves -

Eight strings bending straight.

Translating black dotted lines.

Melodies consume.

- Oil Stains -

The precious motion

Of hands digging into skin.

Did I fall asleep?

- Day Job -

Four hundred: touches.

Folding, stuffing: the mail.

Paper cuts: zero!

- AAUW -

I'm a new member!

Empowering women since

Eighteen Eighty One.