- Silent Symphony -

Little grasshopper,

So musically challenged

Unlike your cousin.

- Ting! -

Click, click, clack, shuffle.

Ting! Start again. New sentence.

Create adventure!

- Inglorious Near-Death -

Soap trails under foot.

Bruises on knees, arm, and neck.

"This is how it ends?"

- Wyoming's Ocean -

Celestial waves
Beaches of wheat; misty foam.

Menacing allure.

- White Whiskers -

A sky free of breeze.

The sweet beauty of a yawn;

Lazy days have come.

- DAD -

Distance between us,

Aspirations! Your support,

Doesn't go unseen.

- The Purpose of a Bookshelf -

Novels, dust bunnies,

Wild West Adventures, jars,

Mermaids, and cat naps.

- Ada's Thoughts of Why -

The Hell was that noise?

The hell the sky falling for?

The Hell we live here?

- Finishing Touches -

Drywall powder flies,

Home remodel in my lungs.

Tomorrow we paint!

- Peace of a K9 -

Ever watchful eyes,

The soft velvet of your ears.

Summer days and shade.

- Taste of Summer -

Cherry stems mingle

Pits liberated of flesh.

Remnants of flavor.

- Flash -

On sunset's coat tails,

Wyoming's fury comes quick!

Zeus's holiday.

- Ripe -

Avocado love,

Your flawless green; soft and firm.

Get in my belly.

- Ada Don't Care -

My dearest Ada,

Of all the seats in the house

You're snoozing in mine!

- Heat -

Stagnant, humid air.

Roadway mirage. Chirpless sky.

Salad for dinner.

- Celebrate -

Cartoon voice; high pitch
Contagious belly laughter.

Helium balloon.

- Daffodils -

Buying a Trimmer

The yard; overgrown jungle.

To his heart: Be Stihl.